Platform Access

Is any software or download required to host or attend events?

Events are run on modern web browsers (e.g. Chrome, Edge). No software is required.

Which browsers are supported?

Best compatibility with Chrome (>version 79).

Other supported browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Brave browser, and Safari (with limited access & known compatibility issues).

Can I attend events on my mobile phone?

Yes, but access to some features is limited.

How to register for an event?

Go to the event’s landing page URL and click on the register button. You will need to provide your details for registration. If you do not have the link to the landing page, please request for it from the event organiser.

How to join an event I registered for?

Find the event invitation link sent by the event organiser in your email inbox. Click on the link and register for the event.

I used two email addresses - personal and company emails to register for the event. How can I change my registration into a single email?

There is no way to delete the registered email address. You can select the email address that you want to use and enter the event with the same.

I am getting stuck at the email verification, getting the same code re-sent, and it's saying "Invalid Code".

Please ensure you are using the latest verification code received in your email. You can wait for a few minutes and re-try.

I'm trying to join a table, but it's not joining. There's no error message, it just won't connect. There's a loading screen. I can't hear anyone either.

Please clear your cache on the browser or try re-entering in Incognito mode.


What is included in the dry run / speaker training?

We will provide familiarisation with the event platform and training on how to use some features (e.g. backstage, speaker chat, adjust mic / video).

What if the number of registrations exceeds the number paid for?

The invoice will reflect the final number of registrants as of the event end date and any excess number of registrants will be billed to you accordingly.

What language(s) do the event host and emcees support?


What are the support hours for the event host, session manager and technical support staff?

Event host: 8 hours / day.

Session manager: 1 dedicated staff will be present for the whole duration of each session.

Technical support: the staff dedicated to your event will start supporting 1 hour before the first session starts, until 1 hour after the last session ends, for a maximum of 10 hours each day. If the day’s sessions last more than 10 hours, please do expect a slower response time after 10 hours.

If required, additional support hours are available upon request.

What is the role of the event host?

The event host is responsible for the following:

  • Welcome participants and provide context of the event
  • Run through event schedule and highlight key sessions and speakers
  • Make event-wide announcements to disseminate information
  • Moderate event chat and ensure adherence to the event's agenda and guidelines
  • Manage event polls
  • Coordinate with client, session managers and support staff
  • Close the event

What is the role of the session manager?

The session manager is responsible for the following:

  • Moderate session chat and ensure adherence to the event's agenda and guidelines
  • Moderate and display questions in Q&A
  • Support the speaker (e.g. backstage preparation, manage breakout rooms, manage raised hands)
  • Communicate important updates to speakers and audience
  • Coordinate with speakers, session emcee, event host and support staff
  • Handle technical difficulties

What is the role of the session emcee?

The session emcee is responsible for the following:

  • Provide context and introduce the speakers in the session
  • Introduce the session features (e.g. chat, Q&A, widgets)
  • Keep the audience engaged
  • Facilitate session activities
  • Support the speaker (e.g. backstage preparation, manage and filter questions)
  • Ensure the session runs smoothly and on time


The mic is not working / The mic was blocked by the system.

Please try the following steps:

Step 1: Open the browser.

Step 2: At the top right, click More Settings.

Step 3: Under "Privacy and security," click on Site settings.

Step 4: Click Camera or Microphone. Turn on or off Ask before accessing.

How do I change the camera settings to use my external camera?

1) On Virtual table: Click on the two horizontal lines setting icon on the middle-bottom of the virtual table and click on the camera setting and select the desired camera.

2) On Backstage/Live Stage: Click on the three dots setting icon on the middle-bottom of the live stage/backstage and select Audio & video settings to select the desired camera.

The screen is frozen on iPad.

The event organiser sometimes may disable the social lounge, and until the session starts, you may see the "Event will start shortly" message on the screen. Once the session starts, you will be able to see the host and speakers on the stage.

In other cases, you can do the following actions:

1) Refresh the event page.

2) Try to open the event link on a desktop/laptop.

3) Restart your iPad and re-enter the event.

4) Close the other tabs that are using the camera (e.g. Zoom, Skype).

I can access the link for the event on my iPad but not on my laptop for some reason.

Please close the event link on one device and then open it on another device because sometimes using the same link in 2 tabs/devices with the same event link and email address will lead to this problem.

I am trying to get into my event, but I get a black screen only.

Please try one of the following:

1) Open the event link in Incognito mode and re-enter the event.

2) Switch/change the internet source (e.g. hotspot).

3) If you are using office devices, please turn off the VPN or use your personal device.

4) Clear cache on the browser.


Countries where Ekklesia Co is not available to support?

As the events platform is not available in the following countries, we are unable to support users from these countries:

Iran, Iraq, Crimea, Cuba, North Korea, Syria